Friday, September 27, 2013

Seth's 9th Birthday

It's hard to believe this guy is already 9 years old. This post is a bit overdue, as his birthday was on August 20th, but better late than never right? Seth wanted a lego birthday again, which is always easy and fun.

He wanted to help with his cake. We hadn't found the mixer yet, so we had to mix by hand.
He was such a help getting it nice and airy.

Jumbo cupcakes and vanilla buttercream Mmm!

After lunch with daddy at Chickfila Part of his birthday gift was a mini shopping spree at the lego store. He had a blast
His favorite meal is "sloppy" porkchops, mashed potatoes and cooked carrots

We hadn't unpacked any wrapping paper or gift bags, so we decided to do a treasure hunt for his gifts. Daddy drew a treasure map and seth did a great job reading it and finding his presents!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A trip to the ocean!

 Friday I had the delightful opportunity to head to the Jersey Shore with a group of younger people from the church we've been attending since moving here. It was great  to be able to make new friends and get to know some newer friends even better. We enjoyed a fantastic time swimming in the afternoon, and in the evening we walked the boardwalk, and then went to a lovely service at the boardwalk chapel that is part of the denomination of the church group I was with.

The beach at Wildwood is absolutely massive. This is the view from the boardwalk.

For a gorgeous day in August, the beach actually wasn't that crowded, and the water even less.

Fireworks on the boardwalk!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Sun and Sand

Yesterday after a lovely day of worship and fellowship and lunch with new friends, Dad, Seth and I  took advantage of a rare sunny day to go swimming! We went to Elk Neck river which is part of the Chesapeake Bay, and had a thoroughly good time! Dad fished a bit, Seth and I swam, enjoyed the sand, and collected scallop shells.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More pictures!

A few pictures of some of our activities in the past few weeks...

We drove

We drove some more

we did a lot of driving....

We've enjoyed the beautiful delaware river/bay

We celebrated my birthday!

we've swam. Swum? Swimmed?
I out fished dad.

.... ;)

we've consumed much tea, and mom and I have started a blanket together

we enjoyed a beautiful drive through Lancaster county in Pennsylvania
and most importantly, we found a house!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013


I decided the easiest way to share past pictures would be to upload them to picasa,  so here is that album.
Moving Across the country
I'll try to put actual pictures on posts from now on though! I've added just a few of my favorites to this post, and I hope to have another post up tomorrow.
Virginia was insanely beautiful!
From Moving Across the country
If you have to have a flat tire, Virginia is the place to be stranded! :)

Seeing the Shenandoah Valley was probably one my very favorite parts of our trip!
From Moving Across the country

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A house

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence, but we don't have WiFi where we are staying right now, so we have to rely on Starbucks when we are out and about and phone data while we're here in the trailer, so blogging has been a bit tricky. I just wanted to let people know who don't yet that we found a house!! We are so blessed! We were able to sign the lease yesterday, today we'll clean it up a bit, tomorow the truck will come and Friday movers will come to help dad get all of our stuff in the house! We are so blessed in many ways. This was actually the only house we were able to see inside, and one of the few that had room for our travel trailer to be stored on the property. It has a giant basement that is livably finished (not super finished but still great for us!), a huge backyard for Seth, and best of all it's just minutes away from dad's work, which, after six years of an hour commute twice a day that is such an amazing blessing! EDTA PICTURES!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Safe and sound on the east coast!

Well, we arrived in MD safe and sound around 1 am on Saturday morning. After my last blog post we had some tire troubles which delayed us for a couple hours, but overall we made it without too much trouble, and are now temporarily settled in Md with our trailer. We are loving the area and it is really interesting finding our way around a new area. It is rather mind boggling how close states are here. Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks in Delaware, just a few minutes drive from the Maryland border, and if we kept drive for just a bit we could either be in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Saturday we spent settling in, Sunday we visited a lovely church, and Yesterday was my 21st birthday, we visited the Delaware river which flows into the Delaware bay, we enjoyed reading about the history of pea patch island which was directly across from where we were, watching the seagulls, cormorants flying over and I think I even spotted a puffin in flight. Today we are cleaning, catching up on laundry, dad is getting things set up to start working at his new job, and hopefully we can go house hunting later this evening!
I was hoping to add some pictures today, but my phone (which has most of the pictures) is being used as a gps right now so, we have to delay pictures again, but soon there will be pictures I promise!


Friday, July 12, 2013

On the last leg of the journey

After a lovely visit with Family in Oklahoma and Texas, we hit the road in earnest the day before yesterday. We drove through Texas and Arkansas the first day, and ended the night in Memphis Tennessee. We drove through Tennessee all day yesterday and camped out on the border on Tennessee and Virginia. If things go according to plan, we should make it to Maryland tonight, which is our final destination (We'll be staying there until we can find a house in Delaware)
Thank you all for your prayers during this time, we really appreciate them! I have been waiting to blog til I. would post pictures, but blogger doesn't like my phone and won't let me upload, so when we are a little  more settled, I will try to post just a picture post.

- Lissa

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On our way

Well, the journey begins.
We our officially on our way. We'll spend some time with our family down south before heading north and east. We have a lot of traveling ahead of us, so we would really appreciate prayers for safety!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A New Chapter

Our family is beginning a new chapter in life! We are moving!
From the south western desserts of Arizona to the east coast of Delaware. A three thousand mile road trip to a brand new home, job, and hopefully soon; church, friends and community. This next step in our family adventure has certainly been a whirlwind, only one short month since we even started considering taking a new job and moving, and now our home is a rather chaotic scene of boxes, dust, and packing tape. The moving truck came today, and in only a few short days we will begin the long trek across the country in our pickup - travel trailer in tow. Most of us in the family have never traveled further east than Illinois, so this will be an exciting journey for us all, and we are eager to see what is in stow for our family. We have been so blessed over the past weeks to see how God has made our way smooth, and has shown us His will, and has given us HIs peace, during what can be a very scary and crazy time.
On this new family blog, we will try to share updates of our family, and peeks into this exciting time in our lives!
Thanks for visiting, and hopefully we'll be able to update frequently, so stay tuned!