Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A New Chapter

Our family is beginning a new chapter in life! We are moving!
From the south western desserts of Arizona to the east coast of Delaware. A three thousand mile road trip to a brand new home, job, and hopefully soon; church, friends and community. This next step in our family adventure has certainly been a whirlwind, only one short month since we even started considering taking a new job and moving, and now our home is a rather chaotic scene of boxes, dust, and packing tape. The moving truck came today, and in only a few short days we will begin the long trek across the country in our pickup - travel trailer in tow. Most of us in the family have never traveled further east than Illinois, so this will be an exciting journey for us all, and we are eager to see what is in stow for our family. We have been so blessed over the past weeks to see how God has made our way smooth, and has shown us His will, and has given us HIs peace, during what can be a very scary and crazy time.
On this new family blog, we will try to share updates of our family, and peeks into this exciting time in our lives!
Thanks for visiting, and hopefully we'll be able to update frequently, so stay tuned!