Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Safe and sound on the east coast!

Well, we arrived in MD safe and sound around 1 am on Saturday morning. After my last blog post we had some tire troubles which delayed us for a couple hours, but overall we made it without too much trouble, and are now temporarily settled in Md with our trailer. We are loving the area and it is really interesting finding our way around a new area. It is rather mind boggling how close states are here. Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks in Delaware, just a few minutes drive from the Maryland border, and if we kept drive for just a bit we could either be in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Saturday we spent settling in, Sunday we visited a lovely church, and Yesterday was my 21st birthday, we visited the Delaware river which flows into the Delaware bay, we enjoyed reading about the history of pea patch island which was directly across from where we were, watching the seagulls, cormorants flying over and I think I even spotted a puffin in flight. Today we are cleaning, catching up on laundry, dad is getting things set up to start working at his new job, and hopefully we can go house hunting later this evening!
I was hoping to add some pictures today, but my phone (which has most of the pictures) is being used as a gps right now so, we have to delay pictures again, but soon there will be pictures I promise!



  1. Glad to hear you got there safe and sound! Can't wait to see some pictures. I hope you find a house soon!


  2. You've moved! Tell you mom hello.